Understanding DCB0129

Understanding DCB0129: The Clinical Risk Management Standard for Digital Health Manufacturers

DCB0129 is a critical standard that all manufacturers of Digital Health systems in the UK must comply with. This standard, published by NHS Digital, sets out the requirements for effectively managing clinical risks associated with Digital Health systems.

What is DCB0129? 

DCB0129, otherwise known as “Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Manufacture of Health IT Systems”, is a standard that provides a framework for Digital Health manufacturers to ensure the clinical risk management of their products. It was made mandatory under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 for any organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of Digital Health systems used within the UK health and care sector. The key requirements of DCB0129 include:

  • Establishing a clinical risk management process throughout the digital health system lifecycle
  • Appointing a qualified and competent Clinical Safety Officer to oversee clinical risk management
  • Implementing a Clinical Risk Management Plan to control and monitor clinical risks
  • Maintaining a Hazard Log to identify, analyse, evaluate and mitigate clinical risks
  • Producing a Clinical Safety Case Report to summarise the clinical safety position of the developed digital health system and the clinical risk management process and activities undertaken
  • Reporting and investigating any clinical safety incidents that occur at any stage of the digital health system lifecycle

Why is DCB0129 Important?

DCB0129 is a critical standard because it helps ensure that Digital Health systems deployed in the healthcare sector are clinically safe and do not pose unacceptable risks to patients. By mandating a robust clinical risk management process, the standard aims to prevent patient harm that could result from software failures or unintended consequences of Digital Health systems. Compliance with DCB0129 is not only a legal requirement, but also demonstrates a manufacturer’s commitment to clinical safety and responsible development of health technology. It helps build trust with healthcare providers and patients that the product has been thoroughly evaluated for clinical risks.


DCB0129 is a pivotal standard that all Digital Health manufacturers serving the UK market must adhere to. By establishing a structured clinical risk management framework, the standard helps safeguard patient safety and promote the responsible development of digital health systems.

Understanding and implementing the requirements of DCB0129 is essential for any health tech company looking to succeed in the UK healthcare landscape.

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