The Only Way Is Ethics – our brand new podcast

Welcome to our podcast exploring the cutting-edge world of digital health and its impact on patient and clinical safety within the NHS.

Throughout the episodes, we’ll dive into the critical realm of clinical risk management as it relates to the rapidly evolving landscape of digital health technologies. 

As the NHS continues to embrace digital transformation, it’s crucial to understand how these innovations affect patient care and safety. We’ll be examining the Digital Clinical Safety Strategy, which aims to improve the safety of digital technologies in health and care while also leveraging these tools to address patient safety challenges.

 Throughout this series, we’ll explore topics such as:

      1. The importance of clinical risk management in developing and deploying digital health systems
      2. How NHS organisations are implementing digital clinical safety assurance processes
      3. The role of Clinical Safety Officers in managing digital health technologies and their development, deployment, and use 
      4. Key standards like DCB0129 and DCB0160, which guide manufacturers and healthcare organisations in ensuring the safety of their digital solutions
      5. Strategies for identifying and mitigating potential clinical risks associated with digital health technologies
      6. The wider regulatory compliance landscape which encompasses DTAC, Medical Device Regulations, ISO standards and the international market

    Join us as we navigate the complex intersection of technology and healthcare, uncovering how the NHS is working to harness the power of digital innovation while prioritising patient safety. 

    Whether you’re a healthcare professional, technologist, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, this podcast will provide valuable insights into the evolving world of digital health and clinical risk management.

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