Supporting healthcare organisations as a Clinical Safety Officer with DPM Digital Health

Historically my work as a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) has always been with a healthcare organisation, ensuring DCB 0160 regulatory compliance. It felt a bit daunting to move and work in a new space supporting digital health manufacturers with their DCB 0129 regulatory compliance.

However, a big draw for me to work with Dean and his team was his appreciation of my experience and skillsets, this was celebrated rather than seen as an obstacle. The available resources and support at DPM Digital Health have allowed me to have a smooth and quick transition enabling me to be the designated CSO for several clients.

Our team at DPM Digital Health has a huge amount of varied and broad experience-Dean fosters a team approach where we can all contribute and learn from each other. What strikes me in working with Dean and Sonya is their approach with each of us in the team and every customer. They are ethical, loyal, and always aiming to do the right thing. It is a pleasure to work alongside and be supported by colleagues who share the same values and work ethic.

In addition to supporting health organisations and digital health manufacturers with their DCB regulatory compliance journeys, the team at DPM Digital Health offer additional expert services such as Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC), clinical risk management training, UK MDR & EU MDR (UKCA/CE marking), ISO 13485 compliance and management and Information and Cyber security.

I am excited to continue my journey working with DPM Digital Health, where I can continue to be encouraged and supported to grow and learn from my colleagues. If your organisation requires any of the above services, I highly recommend contacting DPM Digital Health for outstanding, above and beyond quality service.

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