FCI Scientific conference 2023

FCI Annual Scientific Conference 2023

Taking place on the 29th and 30th of November at etc Venues Manchester, The FCI Scientific Conference 2023 promises to be a hub of knowledge exchange and innovation, that will explore the interface of Clinical Informatics with Industry.

With a focus on the theme of ‘FCI working with Industry’, this conference offers a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest developments in the field. Over the two days there will be talks from national leaders, global organisations who work in healthcare, as well as case studies and presentation for those actively working in informatics and digital health.

Our Founder and Clinical Safety Officer, Dean Mawson, will be one of the highlights of the conference. Dean will be participating in two insightful sessions on the first day.  

At 11:15 am, Dean will be joined by Liz Barfield, Sebastian Alexander, and Maggie Lay, as they  discuss ‘Medical Devices: When Regulatory (ISO) Meets NHS Clinical Safety Standards in Health Technology.’ 

In this session, attendees can expect a deep dive into the intricate world of medical device regulation and how it intersects with the stringent safety standards set by the NHS. Dean’s expertise in this subject promises to shed light on the complexities and challenges that healthcare professionals and innovators face when navigating these regulatory waters.

Later in the day, at 2:55 pm, Dean will return to the stage with Kaye Reynolds in the chair, alongside Sarah Chisem and Keith Pinto-Gomes in the session on ‘Navigating the Digital Health Governance Framework.’ 

This session will explore the Digital Health governance framework and will be of interest for anyone involved in digital health solutions. Dean’s insights will help attendees understand the governance framework in digital health technologies, a crucial aspect of this ever-evolving field.

If you’re interested in attending these sessions or exploring the other exciting offerings of the FCI Scientific Conference 2023, you can check out the full event program on the official website here.

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